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Dilbazi family

History of elites, based on analysis of family structures, is a very important part of social history and social anthropology. For this reason the publication of History of the Dilbazi Noble Family (Baku 2007) is a very important contribution to the history of Azerbaijan and Caucasus region. The Dilbazi are widely known not only in Azerbaijan and the representatives of this family since 14-th century are often mentioned in the national literature, art, science, military and state governance. The deeper knowledge if Dilbazi family, which originated in Gazakh region on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border, is shown on biographies of important members of the family such as Gadjirahim Agha Vahidi, first woman national poet of Azerbaijan Mirvarid Dilbazi, the true star and founder of national dance of Azerbaijan Amina Dilbazi and many other members. By tracing the Dilbazi family back 300 years which left a significant mark in the history and culture of Azerbaijan succeeded in establishing the link between the past and the present.

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Dilbaz Horses

Azerbaijan has two national horse breeds - the Dilbaz and the Karabakh. For a thousand years, the horse has been a loyal friend of man.  Although scientific and technological progress is developing in today’s world, the interest in horse breeding is not changed. In Azerbaijan, from time immemorial, a horse has been an integral part of the life of every azerbaijani man no matter what position he holds in society. Since man domesticated a horse you can start counting the number of breeds.

Various breeds of horses were designed to meet man’s needs. Horse breeds are constantly evolving and each people has developed their own breed to meet their different needs.

The Dilbaz breed

Mount on a fast Dilbaz horse Stroke it gently as a good friend! It will carry you past a busy day To the tops of the Kapaz, where it is sharply cold Look at Geygel, the queen of lakes! SAMED VURGUN (Azerbaijan National Poet)

Types of Dilbaz breed

Yorulmaz - a long face with along body and well developed buttocks. Achadil - the typical feature of this type is a longitudinal fold on the tongue making it look like a forked one. Yorga - relatively medium size with a compact body and a wide breast. Khaldar - gray colour, bluish apple shaped marks. Durnalar - Arabian like horses.
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