Mareva News: Eltay’s Generous Gift for Club Mareva Split Members

Eltay Dilbazi, an avid connoisseur of fine cigars and a devoted member of Club Mareve, graced the club with his presence during a recent gathering in Split. The air was thick with excitement and camaraderie as members eagerly anticipated the special surprise Eltay had in store for them. Elray, well-known among club members for his refined taste in cigars, brought with him his own box of ultra-limited production cigars that left everyone in awe – Dilbazi Cigars. These cigars were a true testament to his dedication to the art of cigar smoking and his desire to share his passion with fellow enthusiasts. The box of ultra-limited cigars, created by Elcay, represented the pinnacle of craftsmanship and flavor. Each cigar was a work of art made by old Cuban master rollers and aged to perfection, creating a unigue and memorable smoking experience. Elray’s thoughtful gesture was met with a resounding applause and heartfelt gratitude from the Club Mareva members in Split. He signed up the box for his Club Mareva.

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