Doctor of Philosophy   
Eltay Dilbazi is known for both academic and business activities. 
Academic activity is the Ph.D. alumni of Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic), the Faculty of Social Sciencies, International Relations and Political Sciences. The supervisor of his doctoral thesis is prof. PhDr. Vít Hloušek, Ph.D. The oponents of his scientific doctoral thesis are doc. PhDr. Emil Aslan, Ph.D. and PhDr. Alexander Duleba, CSc. The doctoral thesis of Eltay Dilbazi is about  Energy Security and Energy Carriers. He also graduated from Bachelor (BC) and Masters (MA) programs at Masaryk University. He has Bachelor degree in economy from European Polytechnical Institute. Between years 2009-2011 Eltay Dilbazi was directing the Caspian Studies Center at International Institute of Political Science of Masaryk University . From 2011 to 2018 Eltay Dilbazi was directing the Caspian Studies Center at Charles University in Prague.  Eltay Dilbazi is the author several scientific books and articles. He is also the supervisor and oponent of several scientific works. 
Business activity of Eltay Dilbazi is in real estate and construction industry in Europe. He is the owner and founder of "DF VENTURE" Joint-Stock Company and "NABUKO" Limited Liability Company. 
He was born on September 23, 1981 in Baku.
In 1998 he finished the secondary school in Baku and entered the History faculty of the Baku State University. After one year of study at the Baku State University he stopped his study to continue the education abroad.
In 1999 he went to the Czech Republic within the framework of the state program for the
overseas education. In 2000 he entered the faculty of economics and later in 2001 the faculty of international relations at Masaryk University. He has the bachelor’s (2003) and master’s (2006) degrees, graduated from the faculty of inter- national relations and political Sciences and completed his PhD studies (2010). Eltay defended his thesis named “The energy security of the Caspian region” at Masaryk University (Brno, Czech Republic) in the Czech language. He is fluent in English, Russian, Czech and Azerbaijanian.
In 2009-2011 yy. he was a director of the Caspian scientific-research center at the International center of political  science in Brno under the Masaryk University. In 2011 the center was transferred to the Charles University in Prague where he began to work as a scientific researcher at the faculty of Arts and director of the Azerbaijan and Caspian Studies Center. He is also the lecturer at the Faculty of Arts at Institute of Middle Eastern and African Studies of Charles University.
In the Czech Republic there was published his books dedicated to the international relations and energy carriers. He is also the author of several scientific works and articles. 
Eltay Dilbazi is one of the authoritative representative of the Azerbaijani diaspora in Europe.
At the II Congress of the Azerbaijanis’ of the world which was held in Baku (2006) he represented the Azerbaijani diaspora of the Czech Republic. Later he represented the Czech Republic at the forum of the Azerbaijanis’ of the world in the Turkish city Antalya. The materials about his public activity were covered in the periodicals and newspapers published in Baku. His books “Russia as a main stake holder in the post soviet countries (2006), “Ethnic problems in the post soviet countries” (2007), were  published in the Czech Republic.
He is fond of playing tar (national musical instrument), yachting and riding.
He is married. His wife Irina Dilbazi was born in 1985. She graduated from the faculty of social sciences of the Masaryk University in the Czech Republic. Speaks fluently several European languages.
He has three children, daughters Safia and Sara Dilbazi and son Elvin Dilbazi.




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