Stop horsing around! Amazing trick riders from Azerbaijan stun the crowds at the Royal Windsor Horse Show

Astonishing trick riders from Azerbaijan yesterday stunned crowds at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.  

Several performers in traditional dress impressed a limited audience of 1,000 spectators gathered to watch the festivities on Wednesday, as Dressage Tests kicked off the five-day event on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

In a jaw-dropping performance, skilled riders performed the splits while balancing on two trotting horses, and hung upside down from their steeds as they galloped across the show ground.

Riding is a respected tradition in Azerbaijan, which is thought to be one of the first regions globally where horses were domesticated. The nation is home to two breeds: the Karabakh and the Dilbaz.

Daredevil riders from the European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) have previously supported the Royal Windsor Horse Show alongside their Karabakh steeds. They described the tradition as 'running deep' and a 'shared passion.'

The Royal Windsor Horse Show continues tomorrow until its final event on Sunday, July 4.      


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